Playspedia Customer Survey
Playspedia was launched in 2011 to serve a basic need, allow Ultimate players to create & share animated plays with their teammates and the general community. 

In the past few years, as many users have noticed, it has been difficult to provide continued support and maintain the site. This is primarily because the site is free and I have limited time to build new features.

So I am asking you, the community, to help me determine the future of Playspedia by answering this short survey. Based on feedback I'll either continue supporting and building  Playspedia 2.0 with brand new features or if interest is low consider alternative plans.

Thank you for your time & support

Andre Liem

Lets Go!
How often do you use Playspedia? *

What features do you like most about Playspedia? *

How many of your teammates, friends, or colleagues use Playspedia? *

Would you pay to use Playspedia if the site had better support for team management? *

Would you pay to use Playspedia if it had more comprehensive play making tools? *

How much would you be willing to pay (USD) on a monthly basis for premium access? *

Assume that the higher the amount the more features and support.

What features would you like to see in the future? *

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